In Case You Missed It: April 2019


From the classroom to the waffle iron, students with disabilities join New Orleans’ hospitality workforce Mar 25 | | The Times-Picayune The New Orleans CMO Collegiate Academies runs a post-secondary school for 17 to 22 year-old students with intellectual and developmental disabilities called Opportunities Academy… Read More

An Afternoon with Jovanni Ramos, Principal of Foundation Preparatory Charter School


Foundation Preparatory Charter School opened in 2015. Today, it educates students in grades K-4, and it will expand to K-5 next year. Jovanni Ramos has been an educator for nearly 15 years; today, he is the school’s principal. We spent… Read More

Real Schools, Real Students, Real Impact


By Byron Goodwin, Director of Transition and Community Engagement, and Zelda Smith, Director of Curriculum and Instruction at Travis Hill Schools Imagine a school where students are making art, playing chess, doing science experiments, and reading great literature. Imagine a school where… Read More

How Soccer Changed the Game for my Students


Adam Kohler is a Dean of Instruction and AP World History teacher at KIPP Booker T. Washington High School. He is a 2018 recipient of the New Orleans Excellence in Teaching Award. When Alden scored his first goal of the… Read More

New Orleans’ Students Continue to Grow Academically as Rigor Increases


Executive Summary: Since Hurricane Katrina, educational outcomes in New Orleans — from state test scores to college entry rates — have improved dramatically. They have done so even as Louisiana’s academic expectations have risen in three significant ways in recent… Read More

In Case You Missed It: Feb / March 2019


Highlights of New Orleans education news from February and early March 2019. School closures are tough, but necessary, New Orleans school leaders say Feb 6 | | The Times-Picayune Patrick Dobard, New Schools for New Orleans CEO, Crescent City… Read More

“Music is in our DNA”: Band directors on values, setlists, and the arts in New Orleans


There are more than 70 parades each Mardi Gras season. In addition to the colorful floats and festive krewes, school bands are a highlight of each one. Students march in many parades each season, walking long distances with heavy instruments,… Read More

Leadership, Marching, and the Power of Music: An Interview with Patrick Dobard


When and where were you a drum major?  I was a drum major my senior year, 1985, at St. Augustine High School here in New Orleans. What was the best thing about being a drum major during Mardi Gras? The… Read More

Reflections from The NET Charter High School


Elizabeth Ostberg is the Co-Founder & Executive Director at The NET Charter High School, an alternative school for students ages 15 through 21. A month or so ago now, my student Kiontay summed up one of the things that makes me really… Read More

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