At The Principal Collaborative, all New Orleans public school principals will have the opportunity to
come together, engage, and network in a community environment, while gaining resources, systems,
and strategies from other principals across the city that can be used at their own schools.

The purpose of these convenings is to support principals in the following ways:

  • Developing collaboration and community among school principals
    Leading a school is rewarding but challenging work, and too often, principals find themselves isolated. The Principal Collaborative offers principals a space to network with others in the same role and build professional contacts, sounding boards, and community relationships.
  • Elevating best practices of schools that already exist locally
    Our schools are doing innovative work. The Principal Collaborative allows them to share it. These convenings offer principals a way to problem-solve common issues that occur in our New Orleans school community and come away with tools, materials, and strategies for addressing them.
  • Recognizing and celebrating our principals’ great work
    The Principal Collaborative aims to showcase and acknowledge the important achievements in our community of schools by highlighting school principals and honoring them at an end-of-year celebration dinner.

Network School Principal of 8-10 Years

“We need more collaboration among School Leaders in the city. To work together and problem solve through similar issues that we are facing.”

– Network School Principal of 8-10 Years

For more information, email Daniel Meekins (daniel[at]