NSNO CEO Patrick Dobard was a guest contributor to Education Post this week. He discussed the attendance crisis for children across the country and what educators in New Orleans are doing to help our students catch up. Read the full article on Education Post.

This year, for many children, school was a respite. They could see their friends, whether virtually or in person with precautions. They could ask questions and get answers. They could escape into a book or math problem. And they had access to caring teachers, school staff, nurses, and counselors.

But, for some children, all of this was harder to access. In New Orleans, around a third of our students missed at least 10 days of school this year. As a former classroom teacher, I am confident that when this happens, it is not because a child does not care about their education. I believe all students care and want to learn. But, I do know there are students who are discouraged, overwhelmed, or facing obstacles beyond their control.

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