Celebrating One Year of Teach New Orleans: 117 Educators Hired

December 17 | NSNO Blog 

We celebrate the undeniable impact of Teach New Orleans (TNO), with 62,000 users visiting TeachNewOrleans.net, resulting in over 1,500 educators sharing their resumes with schools, and 117 educators hired. TNO has quickly become the fastest way for experienced educators to share their resume with all New Orleans public schools.

Taking Stock of Our Progress: A Closer Look at New Orleans’ School Letter Grades

December 12 | NSNO Blog 

We examine the percentage of student enrollment in New Orleans public schools by school letter grade, noting that while the percentage of F rated schools remained steady from last year, the percentage of students in D schools has increased. 31% of students are in A and B schools, and 32% are in C rated schools. We are deeply committed to working for the day when all our students are in A rated schools.

Our Views: New Orleans schools shouldn’t waver on shutting down failing charter schools

December 11 | The Advocate

The Advocate Editorial Team urged the Orleans Parish School Board Members “to remember why the procedures for revoking charters were enacted in the first place […] As the system strives toward higher standards for all students, we believe the board should enforce accountability, not undermine it.”

New Orleans school superintendent: Progress being made on student achievement

December 9 | The Advocate 

Superintendent Henderson Lewis, Jr. discusses last year’s systemwide test scores, and how the district is responding. The district will be focusing on improving classroom instruction to align with more rigorous state standards and working to recruit and retain more great teachers.

Launching the E3 Fellowship

November 21 | NSNO Blog 

NSNO announced the Executive Education Experience (E3), which prepares current principals to be future charter school executives and strengthens network-wide CEO succession planning to ensure stability. NSNO has announced the nine E3 fellows, who are a diverse and talented group of current school leaders with a track record of success.

The Power of our Public Schools: What I Wish for My Infant Daughter

November 30 | New Orleans Mom

New parent Clara Baron-Hyppolite advocates for other parents to send their children to our city’s public schools: “We can start by telling economically advantaged families the truth: that choosing a good public school that is also racially and socioeconomically diverse is one of the best decisions they can make for their children.”

Orleans Parish School Board votes for a full roll-forward in millage rate; ‘Every penny is needed’ 

November 19 | The Advocate

The Orleans Parish School Board voted to pass a full roll-forward in the millage rate, which will result in an extra $24.3 million yearly for New Orleans public schools.

NOLA Ed: Mythbusters

November & December | NSNO Blog

Our “Mythbusters” series has addressed complex myths around autonomystudent demographics, teacher experience and demographicsteachers that leave the classroom, and the reality of school choice.

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