Guest column: Programs addressing teacher shortage in New Orleans

September 13 | The Advocate

In a guest column for The Advocate, Patrick Dobard discusses the teacher shortage in New Orleans and the work in both recruitment and retention that we must engage in. He discusses NSNO’s recent initiatives towards these ends. 

New Orleans Public Schools Series

September 23, October 7, October 21 | Uptown Messenger

NSNO is sponsoring a ten-part series by parents of Uptown public schools students for the Uptown Messenger. In the third, fourth, and fifth pieces, Celeste Sparks writes about her children’s experience at Andrew H. Wilson Charter School, Antonio and Revonda Daresnsbourg write about their son and daughter’s love for Samuel J. Green Charter School, and Donishia Dorsey writes about her children’s time at Audubon Charter School Uptown. 

New Orleans Teacher Pushes Change in the Classroom

September 26 | WGNO

A clip from WGNO shows KIPP Believe College Prep teacher Cadarris Rucker working with his students. Rucker weaves social issues into his classroom and encourages his students to be change-makers. 

NSNO Mythbusters Series and FAQs

September 29, October 8, October 13 | NSNO Blog

To combat common misconceptions about New Orleans schools, NSNO is publishing a series of “mythbusters” pieces with accompanying social media posts. So far, we have addressed the concept of “privatization” and the myth of a single school model, school selectivity and admissions, and school improvement and local control. We have also published a list of frequently asked questions and answers about our system of schools. 

Charter Boards: On Management, Vision, and a Community of Schools  

October 1 | New Orleans Magazine

Current and former KIPP New Orleans, InspireNOLA, Bricolage, and FirstLine Schools board members reflect on what it means to be a charter board member. 

Dobard: Charter Schools Aren’t the Problem or a Panacea. We Must Focus on More Great Public Schools of All Types

October 9 | The 74

“This election season, presidential hopefuls have spoken out on important issues such as desegregation, an increase in teacher pay and diversity in the teaching profession. But when candidates come out against public charter schools, they miss the mark — and do our students a disservice.”

New Orleans’ Educators Know Their Children: Act 91 Gives Autonomy and Local Control to our Schools

October 11 | New Orleans City Business

In time for state and local elections, Patrick Dobard emphasizes the importance of preserving  Act 91 in order to secure local control, strong accountability, and autonomy for our city’s public schools. 

G.W. Carver High School’s Focus on the Future

October 15 | Gambit

“Carver was founded in 1958 in the Desire neighborhood. Now it’s housed in a state-of-the-art building that’s just a few years old, but flanked by the same metal rams that stood outside the school since its founding. Today, we take a closer look at how this school with a long history is standing out for its progress today.”

Orleans School Board approves facility plan

October 17 | The Lens

Reporter Marta Jewson covered the October 17th OPSB meeting, in which NSNO’s Alex Jarrell discussed teacher retention issues in our city, as well as the need to continue funding our teacher preparation programs.

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