This letter to the editor from NSNO CEO Patrick Dobard appeared in The Advocate on February 10, 2021. Read the full letter here. 

In “As more federal aid money heads to Louisiana schools, many haven’t spent the first batch,” reporter Will Sentell discussed how many schools have not fully spent their first round of federal funding. Given this, Sentell describes schools receiving a second round of relief as an “embarrassment of riches.”

The embarrassment is that our schools are so underfunded. As Sentell himself notes, some schools felt they needed to save up emergency money for fear they wouldn’t get more. There was no certain second round. They made the financially prudent choice.

With the sharp dip in school funding expected as a result of decreased sales tax revenue, schools faced tough questions: If they bring on the additional counselors or interventionists they need this year, can they afford them next year, when they’ll remain necessary?

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