Majority of 2021-22 OneApp Applicants Received One of Their Top 3 Choices

April 14, 2021

9,201 applications were submitted for the first round—known as the Main Round—of OneApp for the 2021-22 school year. Last week, these students and families received their results. OneApp uses a computer algorithm to make open-enrollment, public-school school placement decisions in an unbiased fashion (taking into account certain factors described here, like if a student lives nearby to a school or has a sibling there). We share some highlights below:

The majority of students were placed with one of the schools on their list of preferred schools.

A large majority of students received a match with one of their top three school choices.

Nearly all students who applied for a placement at a sibling’s school received such a placement.

Fewer students did not receive a match to any of their choices, compared to last year’s main round.

Students who did not receive a placement or are not satisfied with their placement can re-apply during Round 2 of OneApp, which will open on April 14. Students who did not participate in the Main Round, but who are new to New Orleans public schools or want to attend a different school, can apply during Round 2, as well.

At NSNO, we will continue working for the day when every single family in our city, of course, sends their child to their top choice school. As part of that work, we strive to help more schools become the type of academically strong, loving and supportive environments that so many families are looking for. As we look at our schools today—with their great teachers, strong athletic and arts programs, innovative models and dedicated leaders and staff—we are hopeful.

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