In the second of our 10-essay series by parents of students at public schools in Mid-City, Elysha Diaz and Eliot Guthrie write about their daughter’s experience at Success @ Thurgood Marshall School.

Mid-City, like New Orleans as a whole, has many public school options for families – from a science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) focused school, to a career center, to an International Baccalaureate (IB) school, to schools with long New Orleans legacies, and more.

In this series, we hear from parents themselves on why their child’s school is right for them.

“Why Thurgood Marshall Is Right for our Daughter”

Our oldest daughter, Quil Rose, is in first grade at Success @ Thurgood Marshall. She adores her school. In her binders, we find little love notes she’s written for her teachers and the school staff. It melts your heart.

And it’s not just Quil! We love the Thurgood Marshall team, too. It’s only our first year at Marshall, and we are already seeing our daughter thrive, academically and emotionally.

Her growth is amazing to watch. For instance…

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