The education landscape in New Orleans is complex, and there are often myths and misconceptions about our system. In our new “Mythbusters” series, we aim to set the record straight about our public schools.

Our teachers, students, and families are doing hard work, and many families are happy with their children’s schools. So, we must get clarity on the facts and tell the full story around education in our city, which includes both calls for continued improvement and celebration from the many families who love their children’s schools.

When it comes to our public schools, folks will always be rightfully passionate. Passion is important, and there will be a range of opinions on what is best for our children, but we must ground every conversation in the facts. Only then can we truly move forward in innovating and improving our schools for our city’s students. Stay tuned for more “mythbusters” in weeks to come.

If you want to read a more in-depth overview of these issues, check out our FAQs page, where we tackle some of the most important questions about our system of schools today.

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