In a sponsored piece in the June 18th edition of New Orleans CityBusiness, NSNO shared our investment in New Orleans’ powerful summer learning programs and highlighted their great work.

NSNO Gives $1.5 Million to Public School Summer Learning

A school year like none other has come to a close. Teaching and learning during a pandemic has been difficult, but our educators, students, and families have done excellent work.

The pandemic meant that some young people could not show up to, or log on for, school consistently. NOLA Public Schools (NOLA-PS) estimates that one in three students missed over ten days of school. We also know that the pain and trauma that came with COVID-19 in our community made it hard to focus on school. Some students may have had difficulty learning through a computer screen.
Altogether, this means that some of our children still have learning left to do this year. Their schools are ready to help, and New Schools for New Orleans (NSNO) stands behind them. We are providing $1.5 million across our system of schools to help fund summer learning. Our Summer 2021 Learning Accelerator Fund provides $15,000 – $30,000 to schools for academic instruction, enrichment activities like arts and sports, and student supports like counselors, home check-ins, and follow-up around attendance.

We provided funding for every school that applied – 85% of all schools in our system. On average, they have roughly tripled the number of students they normally teach in summer school.

Overall, the 72 schools’ summer programs are educating around 30% of our public school students. Our children are not only covering important academics and being provided with enrichment opportunities, they are also given time to enjoy snoball parties and play outside.

For example, in partnership with the National Society of Black Engineers, Bricolage Academy is offering students training in drones, robotics, and coding. ARISE Schools is offering woodworking, theater, gardening, and sports.
Summer school is also a chance for many students to connect with counselors and nurses. Students at Warren Easton, for instance, will have access to their two on-site social workers and a school based health clinic.

This summer is a chance for children to connect with one another, their teachers, and their school communities. They are learning, playing, growing, and setting themselves up for a strong school year ahead.

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