We’ve been keeping up with some of these educators, and we’re pleased to be sharing their stories over social media. We’ll also update this webpage with them as they’re posted.

In 2015, Taylor Williams was looking to find a job teaching in New Orleans Public Schools. He wasn’t sure how to find one. In our decentralized system, there was no district-operated process or website where candidates could find all available public school jobs in one place. 

“My wife is a native New Orleanian and we decided to move here together. Looking for a role in New Orleans was tough,” he explains. 

“I found my first role in New Orleans via Google Search. I typed “New Orleans Teacher Jobs” and applied to the first three schools that popped up…I did not have a clear picture of what was out there and didn’t make the most informed decision about where I would work.” 

Taylor loved working at the school he picked. But he wished the process for finding open positions had been easier. Now, years later, he’s a team member at NSNO, running the New Orleans Teacher Job Board (NOTJB) to smooth the process for other educators looking for roles. 

Screenshot of the New Orleans Teacher Job Board 

NSNO launched NOTJB in 2019 to centralize the education job search process in our district. Now, people looking to work in New Orleans’ schools, or current New Orleans educators who want a new school or role, can browse job listings from across our district. They can explore opportunities for new and experienced teachers and get a sense of what makes each school unique. The site hosts listings for all school-based roles, like teachers, counselors, and coaches. Educators can also share their resume with every school at once, which allows schools to reach out directly. NSNO reaches out directly, too, inviting everyone that shares a resume to have a conversation with us. We answer questions about the New Orleans education landscape, and connect with them around their interests and experiences. We then use that information to provide personalized recommendations for roles that might be a good fit. 

The educators using the job board are diverse and experienced. So far, over 1,700 candidates have shared their resume through NOTJB. The majority are local or from nearby–applying from a state in the Gulf South. They have an average of eight years teaching experience.  

Today, more than 550 people have been hired through NOTJB. In a recent survey of these hires, the majority planned to keep teaching for three years or more, with many intending to stay in their same role for at least nine years. With 50% of Louisiana’s teachers leaving their roles after just five years, this type of commitment is transformational for children and for our education system at large.

Screenshot of the New Orleans Teacher Job Board

This is critical. We need more great teachers in New Orleans. Here, as in many places nationwide, we face a crisis in teacher recruitment and retention. There aren’t enough young people going into this work, and educators who are already in the classroom are facing high rates of burnout and turnover. NSNO is helping address this in a number of ways, from earning a SEED grant from the federal government to fund local teacher preparation programs, to running the New Orleans Teacher Community with its flagship events like the New Orleans Excellence in Teaching Awards Gala and NOLA Teacher Fest. We also work with school networks and leaders to help make this role more sustainable. If we want educators to stay in this profession for long and rewarding careers, we know we all need to support them.

NOTJB is a key piece of these efforts, too. When teachers are better able to find the school that’s the right fit for them, they’re more likely to stay there and make a lasting impact on the lives of the children they teach. By helping schools find social workers and counselors, coaches and support staff, we help make sure young people have the support they need to thrive in and outside of the classroom. 

We’ve recently followed up with some of these educators. We asked them about their experience using the job board and entering their new roles. We’ll be posting excerpts from our conversations on social media, and linking them here on this site. We’re proud to be a part of their journey, and grateful for the chance to play a role in ensuring every child has the educators they deserve. 

If you’re looking for a job in New Orleans Public Schools, we look forward to seeing you on www.NewOrleansTeacherJobBoard.org soon. 

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