In the seventh installment of our ten-essay series by parents of students at public schools Uptown, Dorothy Bowens writes about her grandchild’s experience at Booker T. Washington High School.

Like New Orleans as a whole, Uptown has many public school options for families—from college preparatory schools, to three different language immersion programs, to a Montessori program, to a technology career pathway school. In this series, we hear from families themselves on why their child’s school is right for them.

A Proud Legacy and a Proud Grandmother:
Why My Grandson and I Love Booker T.

by Dorothy Bowens

Booker T. Washington High School has a strong legacy in New Orleans. The school was built in 1942, and its alumni have been leaders in our community since then.

I know a lot of Booker T. Washington High School alumni myself. My baby sister is a Booker T. Washington alum, and so are my big sister and sister-in-law. The alumni are very involved in the school community, making sure that everything is right with the school. Recently, an older class came in and gave students book-sacks. They’re there at the football games and events, too. They had the Booker T. Washington picnic last month and people from the class of 1942 on up were there.

From the alumni to the current students, teachers, and families, the community at Booker T. Washington High School is…

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