Dana Peterson portrait

Dana Peterson

Chief Executive Officer

Holly Reid portrait

Holly Reid

Chief of Policy and Portfolio

Alex Jarrell portrait

Alex Jarrell

Chief Innovation Officer

Laura Hawkins portrait

Laura Hawkins

Chief of Strategic Advancement

Libby Bain portrait

Libby Bain

Executive Director of Talent

Julie Bourgeois portrait

Julie Bourgeois

Executive Director of Development

Grant Adolph portrait

Grant Adolph

Executive Director of Finance

Alvin David portrait

Alvin David

Executive Director of Strategic Impact

Dearonda Harrison portrait

Dearonda Harrison

Director of Development Strategy And Grants

Kathleen Harris portrait

Kathleen Harris

Leadership Director

Daniel Meekins portrait

Daniel Meekins

Director of Leadership Programming

Mary Bean portrait

Mary Bean

Director of Strategic Initiatives

Juanika Hogue portrait

Juanika Hogue

Director of Accounting

Matthew Braun portrait

Matthew Braun

Director of Policy

Jahquille Ross portrait

Jahquille Ross

Director of Teacher Support

Taylor Williams portrait

Taylor Williams

Director of Talent

Michelle Sanches portrait

Michelle Sanches

Director of Operations

Alexis Kedo portrait

Alexis Kedo

Director of Data Analytics

Danielle Sanders portrait

Danielle Sanders

Recruitment Director

Taylor Jackson portrait

Taylor Jackson

Director of Communications

April Carter portrait

April Carter

Schools Team Coordinator

Ayanna Robertson portrait

Ayanna Robertson

Social Media Manager

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