Henderson Lewis, superintendent of the Orleans Parish School Board, recently announced that OPSB will be transitioning or closing five schools at the conclusion of this school year: Edgar P. Harney Spirit of Excellence Academy, Cypress Academy, McDonogh No. 32 Charter School, Medard H. Nelson Charter School, and William J. Fischer Academy.

As the former superintendent of the Recovery School District, I remember moments like these. I remember the sleepless nights. I remember the restlessness and the fear I felt trying to determine if these decisions were the best choices for students and families.

I also remember the clarity I felt as I learned more. My team and I read the data, did the research, and listened to students, parents, teachers, and community members. After all of this, we came to the conclusion that those schools were not serving students at the level needed and we had to transition or close them. I knew it was the right decision.


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