NOLA Public Schools expects charters to teach through end of school year

April 16 | The Lens

“‘This is not the end of learning for this academic year. It’s just the end of students physically going to school campuses,’ [Governor] Edwards said Wednesday. ‘I fully expect that learning will continue.'” A district statement echoed the Governor’s position and added that all schools are expected to continue instruction and student supports until May 15.

New Orleans schools prepare for unknown financial impacts from COVID-19

April 10 | The Lens

NSNO Chief of Policy and Portfolio Holly Reid was quoted saying, “Given the future financial uncertainty our schools are likely to face in the next few years, we think it is critical that our schools take advantage of [new CARES Act] government funding opportunities to ensure students and educators can continue to be supported and strive toward excellence…NSNO has taken the lead on encouraging eligible New Orleans charter schools to apply for [U.S. Small Business Administration] loans.”

NOLA Public Schools to distribute 10,000 laptops and Wi-Fi hotspots

April 7 | Fox8

“NOLA Public Schools (NOLA-PS) procured 10,000 Chromebooks and nearly 8,000 Wi-Fi hotspots in an effort to improve distanced learning for NOLA-PS students in need.”

Support educational equity through the New Orleans Technology Access Fund

April 7 | NSNO Blog | WWL-TV

In New Orleans, almost a third of households do not have access to internet. NOLA-PS has proactively provided Chromebooks and Wi-Fi hotspots, but $700,000 in funding is needed to offset the cost of directly providing students with connectivity. In response, NSNO created the New Orleans Technology Access Fund. This access is critical to reduce the significant risk of learning loss our children face. Our students have made immense progress, and they deserve not to lose ground simply because they do not have internet access. Please consider donating to the fund today!

Patrick Dobard’s weekly education talk show on WBOK premieres

April 6 | WBOK

Tune in every Monday at 12:30pm on WBOK for “Talking NOLA Schools with Patrick Dobard”! Patrick will talk with local education leaders and partners and discuss the latest issues in New Orleans education.

OneApp Results: Majority of Applicants Receive One of Their Top 3 Choices

April 1 | NSNO Blog

Similar to previous years, 82% of applicants entering kindergarten and 9th grade received one of their top three choices and 96% of eligible siblings received a match at a sibling’s school.

St. Roch teacher teams up with her husband to bring joy and learning to her students

April 1 |

ENCORE Academy first grade teacher Maggie Doussan created a YouTube channel for her students, with stories and lessons accompanied by music from her husband, local musician Mike Doussan.

Distance learning not possible without internet access

Mar 30 | The Advocate

Leslie Leavoy, Acting State Director of Democrats for Education Reform Louisiana, wrote a letter to the editor: “The problems we’re facing in our state plainly highlight the disparity that already existed among our students. As we continue to address the hurdle of distance learning, one thing is absolutely clear: We cannot even discuss implementing distance learning until all Louisiana children have access to the internet.”

When Moving Too Quickly Fails: On Supporting Communities During Disasters

Mar 30 | NACSA Blog 

NSNO CEO Patrick Dobard wrote a guest blog for the National Association of Charter School Authorizers offering his thoughts on helping schools during a crisis: “After Hurricane Katrina, though, I learned a crucial lesson. When we take action in disasters, we cannot rush, no matter how tempting it is. We must make decisions with a clear mind. Slow and steady is better than fast and full of mistakes.”

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