New Schools for New Orleans’ Strategic Priorities


The NSNO team remains focused on helping the New Orleans system of schools grow from year to year. Coupling the new realities of COVID-19 with the rise in tensions over racial inequities, schools will be facing an incredibly challenging year all around. By drilling even further into the successful support systems and resource connections that we have built over the past few years, our expectation is that our work will have a substantive positive impact on the overall outlook for New Orleans schools and quality of public education.


We provide clear educational data, share the successes and challenges of our system of schools, and offer platforms for voices across our community.


We help schools make the curricular and instructional shifts necessary to meet more rigorous academic standards.


We advocate for policies to maintain an environment that supports positive outcomes for students.


We invest in schools and partner with NOLA Public Schools to improve the quality of New Orleans’ school options.


We help coordinate a citywide strategy to support our educators by providing development, funding, and opportunities to collaborate. 

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