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Developing Executive Talent

In addition to our teachers and school leaders, CEOs and chief-level executives are critical to the success and stability of our schools in New Orleans. Our goal is to foster a robust and diverse talent pool of future executives.

The Executive Education Experience Fellowship (E3) develops high-performing and diverse school leaders with the key skills and competencies needed to lead strong teams as CEOs and chief-level executives of schools in our city.

About the E3 Fellowship

E3 is a highly-selective, 2-year fellowship for aspiring charter executives in New Orleans. Serving approximately 8-10 fellows per cohort, E3 helps prepare talented educators to lead our city’s charter

E3 fellows learn how to drive results across several schools and learn how to successfully manage the complexity of a large organization.

The Fellowship’s professional learning framework (right) is based on leadership competencies drawn from the practices of effective local and national charter CEOs, with an emphasis on what works in New Orleans.

direction setting, maximizing talent and leading others, engaging stakeholders, strategic management
Nicole Saulny, Chief of Schools at Community Academies of New Orleans (CANO)

“We were championing each other to success. Not a competition among charters. We are saying ‘let’s build for each other, let’s benefit from each other, let’s add to each other’s ideas. You take a piece of mine, I take a piece of yours, and we can create a mecca of communication in New Orleans.’ Our society is as strong as its education system. That is what we are trying to build – the educational system of this great city that we live in. We have an email chain, a text chain, we have the in-services together. We’re able to speak our minds and bounce ideas off one another.”

– Nicole Saulny, Chief of Schools at Community Academies of New Orleans (CANO)

E3 Programming

Monthly Executive Cohort Sessions

  • National and Local Expert Presenters
  • Workshops and Trainings
  • High-Performing Charter Network
  • Observations
  • CEO Shadowing
  • Problem-Solving Collaboratives
  • Case Studies and Role Plays

360 Feedback and Personalized Development Plans

Executive Leadership Coaching

National Charter Site Visit & Retreat

Key Partners & Presenters

Patrick Dobard

Patrick Dobard

Former CEO of NSNO; Former Superintendent of the Recovery School District

Howard Fuller

Howard Fuller

Distinguished Professor of Education and Founder of the Institute for the Transformation of Learning at Marquette University

John King

John King

President and CEO of The Education Trust; Former US Secretary of Education

Mini'imah Shaheed

Mini’imah Shaheed

Chief Executive Officer KIPP Metro Atlanta Schools

Dacia Toll

Dacia Toll

Former CEO and President of Achievement First

John White

John White

Former Louisiana State Superintendent of Education

Karima Wilson

Karima Wilson

Founder of Forged Ed

Candidate Profile

The E3 Fellowship is highly selective. Candidates for this fellowship have demonstrated a track record of results in schools, a commitment to New Orleans, and a strong desire to lead a charter organization. Candidates must possess a range of skills and mindsets to demonstrate their ability to lead and manage complex organizations.

The E3 Fellowship strives to create a diverse cohort. We have a strong commitment to recruit and develop leaders of color.

Applicant Requirements

  • Current high-performing principals or network leaders in New Orleans
  • Desires to serve as CEO or executive of a charter management organization in the near future
  • Demonstrates a long-term commitment to educational leadership in New Orleans
  • Has a deep desire to lead equitable schools and school teams

Steve Corbett, CEO of Audubon Charter School

“We have been working on understanding the nuances and thought processes of what a chief-level executive would go through in terms of managing crisis. [. . .] In a crisis, you’re pushing the vision, but you are reliant on other leaders to be at the forefront of doing that work. You have to empower them to make change on their own, to be responsible for the day-to-day. You have less control over a single school, but you can have impact for more children.””

– Steve Corbett, CEO of Audubon Charter School

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