We’ve been keeping up with some of these educators, and we’re pleased to be sharing their stories over social media. We’ll also update this webpage with them as they’re posted.

NSNO launched NOTJB in 2019 to centralize the education job search process in our district. Now, people looking to work in New Orleans’ schools, or current New Orleans educators who want a new school or role, can browse job listings from across our district. They can explore opportunities for new and experienced teachers and get a sense of what makes each school unique. The site hosts listings for all school-based roles, like teachers, counselors, and coaches. Educators can also share their resume with every school at once, which allows schools to reach out directly. NSNO reaches out directly, too, inviting everyone that shares a resume to have a conversation with us. We answer questions about the New Orleans education landscape and connect with them around their interests and experiences. We then use that information to provide personalized recommendations for roles that might be a good fit. To find out more about the amazing work that is done through the NOTJB, click here.

Equasia Zeno, originally from Kentwood, Louisiana, is a 7th grade English teacher at Success @ Thurgood Marshall. Out of college she worked in the legal field for 3 years before becoming an educator. One important aspect of being an effective teacher is having a school home that is a good fit. When looking for her school home, Zeno said that she was searching for a place where she can grow. “I am looking for a place where I am equal to the student in the learning aspect.  A place where I can gain many tools to be able to reach children is the ultimate goal.  I want to be able to grow each academic year,” she said. She also believes that being at the right school is vital in order to maintain mental health and be able to teach at her full potential. Zeno accredits The New Orleans Teacher Job Board with helping her find the ideal school that suits her, “NOTJB introduced me to my first charter school.  In the charter system I was able to see my value and worth as a teacher.  The job board gave me a vast selection of schools that were seeking teachers with variety,” she said. Now that the NOTJB has helped her, Zeno is referring others. “I have already recommended a few teachers to the NOTJB.  Many teachers often feel as though they are not fulfilling in their work.  The NOTJB gives teacher the opportunity to seek fulfillment is all aspect of their current career.”